Author: Pra Universiti Kampus SMKG Keningau
•8/23/2009 07:47:00 AM
The human spirit is the strongest force there is. As long as our spirit remains unbroken, there is no defeat. In life, spiritual defeat always precedes actual defeat. Guard against laziness, cowardice, carelessness, impatience, resignation and despair which corrode the human spirit and sow the seeds of defeat.

he question of how to live one's life and find one's true life purpose can only be solved by making consistent effort to help others win over the miseries that afflict them. This is the way of the bodhisattva--to exert oneself for the sake of others while striving for one's own self-realization.

f you become passive, you will find yourself restricted, regardless of how free the environment is in which you live. Conversely, if you maintain a positive, proactive attitude, you will find yourself free, no matter how restricted your environment. True freedom is the caliber or spiritual capacity that enables one to cope with any circumstance.
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